No Short-Cuts

Genesis 6:22(NIV)

22 Noah did everything just as God commanded him.

When I’m driving through the cities, I know alternate routes to take when there is traffic.  There are some side roads or other roads that are not as busy as the highway.  I’m not taking a short-cut to my destination.  When we are goal-oriented, we will face many obstacles and challenges.  Some of those challenges could be the temptation to take short-cuts.  If we take these short-cuts, it can actually take you off track from attaining your goals.  Is there a difference between an alternate route or taking short-cuts?  These are not the same as short-cuts will mean skipping a step in a procedure or skipping some fundamentals that should be followed.

The types of short-cuts are the moral, ethical, spiritual financial or even relational shortcuts.  Short-cuts are mainly used by those who are looking for instant gratification and want quick results. They don’t want to take it step by step.  This world is driven my drive-through’s, microwave ovens, online banking, etc.

When God asked Noah to build an ark and to build it a certain way with certain material, and to bring two of every kind of animals for preservation and also some for sacrifice, did Noah think of why God wanted certain creatures on that ark?  Why put those snakes and lizards on that ark?  Is that a raccoon?  (They keep knocking over our green bin and making a mess on our shed) Why do we need those types of animals in this ark?  The Bible says that Noah didn’t take short-cuts.  He did everything just as God commanded him.  No short-cuts in construction of the ark, unlike what we’ve seen with corrupt construction companies in some cities, which have caused stadiums to collapse or highways and bridges to collapse.  Noah’s ark was built well and withstood the flood.  If we are to follow our goals and dreams that God gives us, we must do exactly as God tells us to do them.

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