More Than Enough

Exodus 36:4-7 (NIV)

So all the skilled workers who were doing all the work on the sanctuary left what they were doing and said to Moses, “The people are bringing more than enough for doing the work the Lord commanded to be done.”

Then Moses gave an order and they sent this word throughout the camp: “No man or woman is to make anything else as an offering for the sanctuary.” And so the people were restrained from bringing more,because what they already had was more than enough to do all the work.

A community of like-minded people can make a big difference when they are focused and determined to reach a goal.  I commend those who raise funds for charitable work and for the various cancer research programs.  There are those that volunteer and those that train to run a marathon or whatever event is being hosted to raise funds.

God gave direction for His people to bring various items so that they can use the material to construct the sanctuary for God.  In the passage above, the people had to be restrained from bringing more because they had enough to do the work.  That is inspiring to see an example of a community where they were generous and wanted to give.  Unfortunately, in today’s age of inflation and sky-rocketing research costs, there will always be a need to do something for a particular cause.

In Matthew 26:11, Jesus makes it clear that the poor will always be among us.  We cannot eradicate poverty and disease as this is the result of a fallen world.  What we can do is to help and do our part.  God wants us to have the heart to help, not doing it out of obligation, but being willing just like the people who giving to the work of the sanctuary.

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