Itching Ears

2 Chronicles 18:6-7 (NIV)

But Jehoshaphat asked, “Is there no longer a prophet of the Lord here whom we can inquire of?”

The king of Israel answered Jehoshaphat, “There is still one prophet through whom we can inquire of the Lord, but I hate him because he never prophesies anything good about me, but always bad. He is Micaiah son of Imlah.”

Jehoshaphat allied himself with Ahab, the King of Israel to go to battle against Ramoth Gilead.  Ahab had four hundred prophets and when asked whether they should go to battle, they all replied in unison that they should go, for God will give it into the king’s hands.

Somehow, Jehoshaphat didn’t trust the four hundred prophets and asked if there is still a prophet of the Lord that they can inquire of.   Although there was unity of the prophets statement of going into battle, Jehoshaphat must have been able to discern that these prophets were not true prophets of God.  Maybe he can see the way they interact with each other and the way they live their lives – he knew that they were blatant hypocrites.

Ahab knew of one person, Micaiah, son of Imlah who can inquire of the Lord.  However, Ahab hated him because he doesn’t tell King Ahab what he wants to hear.  This is related to 2 Timothy 4:3, where it says that “for the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine.  Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.”

Micaiah was quite blunt with his prophecy to King Ahab and even said that there will be a lying spirit that will entice the King through his own prophets.  King Ahab was quite loyal to his prophets and denied to himself that his prophets could ever lie to him.  He only wanted to hear what his prophets would say as they readily agreed to what he wanted in the first place.  He rejected the truth for a lie.

If we have friends, coworkers or family members who encourage you to do something that is contrary to the word of God, then I may be a good idea to step back and ask yourself if what you are doing is pleasing to God. The last thing I want is to accept the lie and reject the truth.

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