His Plans

Genesis 28:1-8(NIV)

1 So Isaac called for Jacob and blessed him. Then he commanded him: “Do not marry a Canaanite woman. Go at once to Paddan Aram, to the house of your mother’s father Bethuel. Take a wife for yourself there, from among the daughters of Laban, your mother’s brother. May God Almighty bless you and make you fruitful and increase your numbers until you become a community of peoples. May he give you and your descendants the blessing given to Abraham, so that you may take possession of the land where you now reside as a foreigner, the land God gave to Abraham.” Then Isaac sent Jacob on his way, and he went to Paddan Aram, to Laban son of Bethuel the Aramean, the brother of Rebekah, who was the mother of Jacob and Esau.

Now Esau learned that Isaac had blessed Jacob and had sent him to Paddan Aram to take a wife from there, and that when he blessed him he commanded him, “Do not marry a Canaanite woman,” and that Jacob had obeyed his father and mother and had gone to Paddan Aram. Esau then realized how displeasing the Canaanite women were to his father Isaac; so he went to Ishmael and married Mahalath, the sister of Nebaioth and daughter of Ishmael son of Abraham, in addition to the wives he already had.


It was a great wedding that I attended last night.  There was some fun afterwards and a quiz on how well they know each other.  When asked who made the first move, it was the groom who raised his show and the bride also raised his shoe to indicate who had the lead role.  It was the man who sought after the relationship for a mate for life.  The choice of a life partner can affect your spiritual relationship with God as well.

We know the story of how Jacob deceived Isaac and received the blessing instead of his brother Esau.  We may be judging and say that he and his mom were deceitful and lying is not right.  However, if we look at the big picture and put God in the scene, it looks like God wasn’t looking down in disagreement with Jacob’s deceitfulness.   By this time, Esau had already had foreign wives.  How can God create a great nation if Esau had a foreign wife who was not going to follow the God of Isaac?  They had their own foreign gods.  The God of the universe worked it all out so that Jacob would receive the blessing and given the instructions not to marry a Canaanite woman. God wanted Jacob to have a faithful wife who would also be faithful to the God of the universe.  From there, they can have godly offspring and fulfill the plan that God wanted when he made a promise to Abraham that through him, he will create a great nation.  In our lives, God is at work and we need to remember that he is sovereign and His plans are at work in our lives.

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  1. Warren says:

    God is in control. Amen!

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