God will Forgive

Psalm 65:3 (NIV)

3When we were overwhelmed by sin, you forgave our transgressions

David was overwhelmed by sins, but continued to believe that God will forgive his transgressions so that he can give praise to God. When times are tough and we are feeling the guilt of our sins, release the guilt by confessing to God and ask for forgiveness.  We can feel that way sometimes by the multitude of our sins.  If we ask sincerely, God will forgive them all.  We may feel that our sins are too frequent and that we do not deserve God’s forgiveness.  For those who belong to God, the good news is that God can and will forgive them all.  There is nothing that is beyond forgiveness for God unless it comes down to rejecting God and just walking away from Him.  God gives us the opportunities to choose Him and the ball is in our court when it comes down to asking Him for forgiveness.

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