Finding Strength in God

1 Samuel 30:6 (NIV)

David was greatly distressed because the men were talking of stoning him; each one was bitter in spirit because of his sons and daughters. But David found strength in the Lord his God.

The Philistine army was at Aphek and marching towards the Israelite army camped at Jezreel.  David and his men were excused from fighting the Israelites as the Philistine commanders did not trust David.  So off he and his men went to go back to Ziklag and what did they find?  They found their town destroyed by fire and their wives and children taken captive.  That must have been a sickening feeling.  He must have felt very low after being involved with Achish and the Philistines. Here he was with his men and he is in a foreign land of his enemy who despise his nation and his God.  He became exhausted after weeping bitterly and then he had to face the opposition of his own men.  David was greatly distressed because his own men were talking about stoning him.

Instead of arguing with his own men, he found strength in the Lord his God. He must have called a time-out before they started picking up the stones and said that the Lord should be consulted.  The good news is that his own men must have saw his hope in God and followed suit when David inquired on the Lord on whether they should pursue them and whether they will succeed.  This is where God was with David.  I’m sure that if God said that you will not succeed, then that would be the end of David.  His own men would turn on him in a heartbeat if there was no hope of a rescue of their family.  God provided a way for David to redeem himself with his men by getting everything back from the Amalekites.  Are you finding opposition with your friends or relatives?  First solution is to find strength in God.  It worked for David and may work for you as well.

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